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Hubby’s BDAY in Paris!

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Hubby’sBirthday in Paris

Air B&B/ Paris, FRpp11

Guys, I’m in love. No, no marital problems over here. I’m in love with the foreign land of Paris, France. As many of you all know, who follow me on social media (@_kayalex_), my family of four went on our first international trip three weeks ago.

This was at the request of my husband for his 30th birthday celebration as he wanted to do something unique and fun to celebrate Zuri’s 1st birthday, which is 3 days before his. Now, I have to admit, I was skeptical, along with many of our family members and friends about traveling with two young children to Paris. For one, this was in wake of the recent terrorist attacks that took place there. For two, I was nervous about flying internationally on a 7-hour flight with a baby (see my post for how we managed that here). And lastly, Paris is known as the city for lovers. It didn’t scream “family vacation.”

Little did I know, Paris was the perfect place for our 2016 family vacation! If your thinking to take a trip with or without the kids, check out the following recommendations!


O La La 2 CV: Paris car tour in an old school drop top buggy! Check it out HERE.

Chateau de Versailles: 10 miles west of Paris. A huge scenic garden, paddle boats, beautiful estate, fountain shows , bike paths, a butterfly garden, and a farm. MUST GO! Click HERE

Parks: Or shall I say, Parcs! OMG, the parks in Paris are an experience in itself. gorgeous landscaping, ponds with ducks and fish to feed, lots of chairs for parents to sit, grass to lay out on and have a picnic, and of course playgrounds! It was cool to sit out with food and wine while Zoe interacted with local French children. Amazing.

Favorite garden: Jardin de Tuileries, has a Farris Wheel.

Ballon De Paris: Skip the long lines at the Eiffel tower and head over to the Ballon De Paris! It’s a balloon ride that takes you up a couple hundred feet in the air to see the same views that you would see from the Eiffel tower without the wait! But, call before you go! If it’s bad weather or windy, the balloon will not fly. Click HERE for more info.

Eiffel tower: Lay out on the lawn of the Champ-De- Mars park. Ride the Carousal a couple of times. Take beautiful photos. Lay out and have a picnic. Watch the sunset. Ditch bedtime curfews and let the kids run freely on the open lawn as you all watch 20,000 bulbs sparkle on the hour in a five-minute display. It is truly something to see.

Disney-Paris: So, this wasn’t planned. Julian made mention of it before the trip but I didn’t give it a second thought because, let’s be honest Disney is so expensive here in the US. But Julian found one-day passes for just $60 per person with entry to both parks! Here in the U.S., you have to pay up to $150 per person, per park! So, we had to take advantage of that! I’d suggest taking the train to the park. Way cheaper than cab, uber, or shuttle bus and the kids will like the experience. Click HERE.

Bridge of Locks: Leave your mark on Paris! Bring or buy a lock there, write your name/family name on there and lock it on the fence, and throw the key in the Seine River!! I would say a must is the Louvre! Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. What else is there? Well, don’t answer that. But you get what I mean.

Barbie exhibit: Do I need to say more?! Click HERE (only until September 2016)

The Little Villette: A super interactive entertainment venue for kids! Check it out HERE.

Paris Museum Hack for parents: Don’t worry about buying a fast pass! If you have a baby, you don’t have to wait in those long lines! WIN!

Now, I must say that we are an Air BnB family all the way. Renting homes instead of staying at hotels are usually way cheaper and provides more room with a unique experience. We only paid $500 for 5 nights! $100 a night! You can’t beat that with a bat. Our place was gorgeous. A newly renovated flat, with tub, washer and dryer, wifi, a gorgeous balcony, and even Netflix in English! Now, I will say, the downside about many buildings, home and hotels alike in France are that they are super old. So they often do not have “lifts” or Elevators! And uh, we were on the 5th floor. God Bless my Husband for carrying tired kids and luggage up and down the stairs without complaining. Click HERE to find out more about Airbnb and book your first stay!

Baby Rentals: Need a stroller, car seats, carriers, bath tubs and high chairs. This company will meet you at the airport or where your staying! Check them out HERE!

Bottom Line

Terrorist attacks, heightened security, the Seine River overflowing (read about that here), and a predicted rainy forecast that was completely off (we even packed ponchos and umbrellas that we didn’t end up using at all). None of that negatively impacted our trip. This seriously was the best trip I’ve been on. I can’t wait until our next one!

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Have you been to Paris? What things would you add to the list of things to do?

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Kacey had always been the type of girl who was confident in who she was. Well, until she became a mom and wife! Join her as she shares her "take" on her new roles, and how she tries to fit being "Kay Alex" into them all! She blogs to share her journey as an attempt to inspire, educate and entertain.

Kacey had always been the type of girl who was confident in who she was. Well, until she became a mom and wife! Join her as she shares her "take" on her new roles, and how she tries to fit being "Kay Alex" into them all! She blogs to share her journey as an attempt to inspire, educate and entertain.


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