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FEATURED TRIM $42,100…MSRP $33,450 The Car I once read that you can configure a MINI Cooper in over 50 different variations! From different roof color to body combination, to varying different colored mirror caps, engine options, # of doors, convertible, hardtop, etc., the gamut runs deep. Definitely something for everyone…Read…
The Scion tC might not be so bad for a single, sexy, chica. But seeing as I am only 2 of the three, it turned out to be a hellish-like nightmare for this mom of two.
Completely new to the city car concept, I gave this little thing an epic "side-eye" when I first saw it. One growl of the engine turned my "side-eye" into an evil grin.
I scheduled a test drive with my local FIAT dealership, Landmark FIAT of Atlanta with zero expectations other than to have a weekend fling with my newest automotive muse.


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