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I know you all have seen these super cute message mugs floating around the World Wide Web. I love the fonts and designs of them. As always, I think that buying them is cool, but DIY’ing them would be even better. Why not add that personal touch AND save money? Win. Win.…Read…
This time last week, I was contacted by a producer from Fox 5 DC. She asked if I was available that coming Saturday. Of course, I said yes, without actually checking my calendar. I mean come on, when an opportunity like that presents itself, you make yourself available! It was requested that I bring…Read…
So my daughter’s 6th birthday was Saturday. She has been requesting a Spa themed birthday for a long time. I’m not an avid spa- goer (I wish) but thanks to Pinterest, some family and friends, I was able to deliver!
I know you all have seen the really cute bunny ears floating around the Internet and social media: Super cute, but can be pricey. You know if I can find an easy way to DIY something, I will. And of course I just have to share it with you all.
What’s better than a bouquet of love? Think flowers and hearts. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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