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 Moto  Z  Force Droid  Every 15 seconds a phone screen somewhere in the world shatters, and with it, the heart of its owner. Even if you’ve never broken your phone screen; you’ve had that scary, creepy feeling enter the pit of your stomach as you watch your phone slip through your fingers and…Read…
I know you all have seen these super cute message mugs floating around the World Wide Web. I love the fonts and designs of them. As always, I think that buying them is cool, but DIY’ing them would be even better. Why not add that personal touch AND save money? Win. Win.…Read…
Have you ever looked on Pinterest and think “OMG! I LOVE that room!” But don’t think you could truly pull it off? Do you think it’s some super talented designer behind the whole thing? Well, I wanted to highlight and share some Pinterest worthy nurseries that were designed and decorated by…Read…
Hey Mommas!  This past Saturday, I hosted my first event! It was a Mommy and Me play date with a focus on Health and Wellness. I’ve always wanted to attend a Mommy and Me Yoga class, so why not host one of my own? My initial thought was to do…Read…
This time last week, I was contacted by a producer from Fox 5 DC. She asked if I was available that coming Saturday. Of course, I said yes, without actually checking my calendar. I mean come on, when an opportunity like that presents itself, you make yourself available! It was requested that I bring…Read…
As we all know, or should know, Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and reflect on a mother’s love, sacrifice and lessons she poured into you. I often think about my mom and the things she taught me as a child that have stuck…Read…
This week, I wanted to share my April Event picks with anyone who is in or plans to visit DC. There are so many cool events that are free! Check out the details and get out to enjoy the beautiful spring weather!
So my daughter’s 6th birthday was Saturday. She has been requesting a Spa themed birthday for a long time. I’m not an avid spa- goer (I wish) but thanks to Pinterest, some family and friends, I was able to deliver!
I know you all have seen the really cute bunny ears floating around the Internet and social media: Super cute, but can be pricey. You know if I can find an easy way to DIY something, I will. And of course I just have to share it with you all.
I would like to share with you all our first Mommy Crush, Patrice "PatriceLIVE" Nickols. Get to know a little bit about her and why she is a Mommy Crush of mine.
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Kacey had always been the type of girl who was confident in who she was. Well, until she became a mom and wife! Join her as she shares her "take" on her new roles, and how she tries to fit being "Kay Alex" into them all! She blogs to share her journey as an attempt to inspire, educate and entertain. Check out her approach to motherhood, being a wife, DIY projects and self-exploration at


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