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Dawan Malik

Sorry for the last post but to be perfectly honest I was bored with this episode and didn't like how they got rid of Chunner and Jameson in the previous episodes.
This was an interesting challenge because it involved NASCAR which none of the remaining contestants were familiar with, nor ever attended a race before.
It's official: the fix is in! If you didn’t already know this by the first five episodes, I think its pretty fair to say its just obvious now. Lets go through the episode.
When I started this show I was very excited to showcase some of my ideas for concept lifestyle cars, unfortunately wasn’t given that opportunity and was blamed for a failed concept design that had nothing to do with my contribution and then accused of doing nothing to some wheels for…
Sorry for the late post, I’ve been busy busy busy saving the world. Now lets get to it…………………..Well guess who was eliminated this episode………..
I don’t even know where to start with this episode but I can say I enjoyed this week better as a viewer than I did the first two episodes. So lets dive in………
Episode 2, “Transformers” was a not as exciting as advertised for the viewers who tuned in this week.
Gone too soon, right? Yep... you're about as surprised as I was.
Dawan Malik of's new show "Motor City Masters," sits down to talk with about his experience as a reality television star.


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