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Kimberly Lachelle & Flo Webbs


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Kimberly Lachelle

Chief Car Whisperer

Kimberly Lachelle is Founding Partner of Speed Beautiful LLC. With the help of co-owner Flo Webbs, Kimberly works closely with well over a dozen automotive manufacturers and journalists to curate thoughtful and engaging content. She has been recognized by AT&T as an African American thought leader, and by other Fortune 500 brands as being a leader in the automotive media sector.

Not just an automotive journalist, Kimberly serves as board member of the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association, as well as a contributor to the Huffington Post. Additionally, she is a member of; The Atlanta Press Club (Committee Member- Internship Selection), National Association of Black Journalists and Junior League Atlanta.

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Flo Webbs

Director of Dream Fulfillment

Floretta “Flo” Webbs joined Speed Beautiful in 2015 as Managing Partner and Director of Business Development after a nearly decade-long friendship with founder and managing partner Kimberly Lachelle.

What began as a friendship based on a mutual passion for success and adeptness for hard work, has led to a dynamic business partnership.

Flo brings nearly 25 years of executive leadership experience to the Speed Beautiful team. With her degree in healthcare administration from Columbia Southern University. Flo brings a wealth of experience, and true understanding of strategic business needs; which serve her well in her capacities with Speed Beautiful LLC.

An Army wife born and raised in Ohio, Flo and her husband Malcolm, have spent the past 14 years in the Atlanta area and have two adult children who live in the Atlanta, Georgia and Auburn, Alabama areas.

Ink Magicians

Top, L2R: Shante McClendon, Tameka Griffin
Bottom, L2R: Sebastian Owusu, Glam Ma M 

Jay Haze

Chief of Visual Awesomeness

A photographer’s photographer, Jay’s passion for photography is evident in each image captured by his lens. (Yeah, we just said photography like 3 times in one sentence. Lol.) In ridiculous demand, Jay splits his time between travel photography, weddings, photojournalism, and fatherhood. To book Jay or see more of his work, click here:

Sheronda Gipson

Sheronda Gipson

Head Word Wrangler

Sheronda, Senior Writer at Speed Beautiful, is a writer and social media professional who recently completed her MFA in Writing program at SCAD Atlanta. Additionally, she is the nonfiction editor at Written Magazine, a Tough Mudder Finisher, and a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.


Alison Woods


Alison, our technology contributor is truly a tech nut! Both a Windows Mobile fan and Android devotee, she lives to consume gadgets and devices.  Alison holds a B.S. in Psychology as well as an additional B.S. in Information Technology (IT).  By day Alison kills it at her job as an IT professional for a public school district in Upstate New York.  By night she saves the world as a masked superhero… or hangs out with her dogs while playing with tech gadgets… It’s really all the same though, right?


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